Facebook whistleblower testifies company

Published on 12 Oct 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism

Former Facebook data scientist Frances Haugen has come forward with a wide-ranging condemnation of the tech giant and testified to the Senate Commerce subcommittee on the company's negative impacts on children at a hearing on Tuesday.

Haugen has stunned lawmakers and the public with revelations of the company’s awareness of apparent harm to some teens from Instagram and her accusations of dishonesty in its fight against hate and misinformation, buttressed with tens of thousands of pages of internal research documents she secretly copied before leaving her job in Facebook’s civic integrity unit.

Haugen also has filed complaints with federal authorities alleging that Facebook’s own research shows that it amplifies hate, misinformation and political unrest, but the company hides what it knows.

"There was a long series of moments where I became aware that Facebook, when faced with conflicts of interest between its own profits and the common good public safety that Facebook consistently chose to prioritize its profits. I think the moment which I realized we needed to get help from the outside that the only way these problems would be solved is by solving them together and not solving them alone was when civic integrity was dissolved following the 2020 election," Haugen said during her testimony on Tuesday.

By coming forward and revealing her identity, Haugen says she hopes it will help spur the government to put regulations in place for Facebook’s activities. Like fellow tech giants Google, Amazon and Apple, Facebook has for years enjoyed minimal regulation in Washington.

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